This page was exported from Free Braindump2go Exam Dumps Camp | Free PDF and VCE [ ] Export date:Sat Dec 7 8:24:21 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-NEW-Exams]Braindump2go Free 1Y0-202 PDF and 1Y0-202 VCE Guarantee 1Y0-202 Exam Pass[41-50] --------------------------------------------------- 2017/Aug New 1Y0-202 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 1Y0-202 questions:1.|2017 New 1Y0-202 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 259Q&As Download:   2.|2017 New 1Y0-202 Exam Questions & Answers Download: QUESTION 41Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to set up an alert on a service that is important for Desktop OS machine performance. The infrastructure includes 3000 Desktop OS machines and two Provisioning Services servers.Which service on the Provisioning Services server should the administrator monitor? A.    TFTPB.    BootPC.    StreamD.    Two-Stage Boot Answer: C QUESTION 42Which tool could a Citrix Administrator use to generate a graphical performance report of memory for the last two quarters? A.    XenCenterB.    Citrix StudioC.    Citrix DirectorD.    XenServer toolsE.    Provisioning Services Console Answer: A QUESTION 43Scenario: A line of business application has been deployed as a hosted server application in XenDesktop. The deadline for a critical project is quickly approaching. Users report that the application is slower than usual. The Server OS machines are non-persistent.Where should a Citrix Administrator gather information to resolve the performance issue? A.    Citrix StudioB.    Citrix DirectorC.    Provisioning Services vDisk statisticsD.    Performance Monitor on the Delivery Controller Answer: B QUESTION 44Scenario: A Citrix Administrator performed maintenance activities in a XenDesktop environment. The next day, a second Citrix Administrator discovers that server-hosted applications are missing from Citrix Receiver.Where could the second administrator go to determine the cause of this issue? A.    Citrix DirectorB.    StoreFront storeC.    Configuration LoggingD.    Delivery Controller Windows Event logs Answer: C QUESTION 45Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a XenDesktop site for a Call Center consisting of 2000 Desktop OS machines. Many users are unable to log on to the Desktop OS machines. The administrator suspects there is an issue with the Desktop OS machines that is impacting the user's ability to log on.Where should the administrator look to gather information about this issue? A.    HDX Insight in Citrix DirectorB.    Logging node of Citrix StudioC.    Citrix Director on the Failed Desktop OS machines nodeD.    The Provisioning Services Console on the Device Collection node Answer: C QUESTION 46Scenario: Users in an environment access hosted applications from thin clients connected to overhead projectors. Some of these users have complained about delays and interruptions in the video playing when viewing videos that require Adobe Flash player.Where could a Citrix Administrator gather information to resolve this issue? A.    Logging node in Citrix StudioB.    Session Detail in Citrix DirectorC.    Activity Manager in Citrix DirectorD.    Event logs on the Delivery Controller Answer: B QUESTION 47Where in Citrix Director could a Citrix Administrator validate that Flash Redirection is enabled? A.    User DetailsB.    Activity MonitorC.    The Network tabD.    The Sessions tab Answer: A QUESTION 48Where in Citrix Director could a Citrix Administrator monitor slow performing applications? A.    DashboardB.    Sessions tabC.    User session detailsD.    Logon performance tab Answer: C QUESTION 49What should a Citrix Administrator do to restart a machine from Citrix Director after a user or machine name has been found? A.    From the dashboard, select the session and restart the machine.B.    On the User Details or Machine Details pages, select 'Power Control'.C.    On the User Details or Machine Details pages, select 'Session Control'.D.    From the dashboard, filter all connections, click on 'Maintenance Mode' and select 'Turn off'. Answer: B QUESTION 50A Citrix Administrator discovers that several virtual desktops in Citrix Studio are unregistered.Click the Exhibit button to view a screenshot of the XenCenter Console.  Based on the information in the screenshot, why are the virtual desktops unregistered? A.    XenServer is NOT a pool member.B.    XenServer is in maintenance mode.C.    The virtual machines are NOT running.D.    The virtual machines have been suspended. 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