This page was exported from Free Braindump2go Exam Dumps Camp | Free PDF and VCE [ ] Export date:Thu Nov 14 20:22:46 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-New-Exams]100% Exam Pass-1Y0-311 Exam VCE Free from Braindump2go[61-70] --------------------------------------------------- 2017 Oct. New Citrix 1Y0-311 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Released Today! Following are some new 1Y0-311 Questions:1.|2017 New 1Y0-311 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 85Q&As Download: 2.|2017 New 1Y0-311 Exam Questions & Answers Download: QUESTION 61Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing a XenApp and XenDesktop environment that has been built with the following site architecture:- Site A was created in datacenter- Site B was created in datacenter- A NetScaler Gateway is set up in each datacenter. Each Gateway has access to both Sites.- The StoreFront server group in each Site is configured to enumerate resources from both Sites.- Application A is available in Site A only.- Optimal Gateway Routing has NOT been configured.A user located near datacenter B logs in through NetScaler and attempts to launch Application A.Which behavior is expected in this scenario?A. Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using Gateway.B. Resource enumeration occurs through Gateway A; the HDX connection is established using GatewayC. Resource enumeration occurs through Gateway B; the HDX is established using GatewayD. Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using GatewayAnswer: AQUESTION 62Why would a Citrix Engineer implement TFTP load balancing?A. To allow bootstrap download requests to be distributed among all available serversB. To allow concurrent streams to be balanced among all Provisioning Services servers in a SiteC. To allow target devices to failover between Provisioning Services serversD. To allow user session requests to be sent to the least-loaded target device in a device collectionAnswer: CQUESTION 63Which two vDisk states allow a Citrix Engineer to make permanent changes to a VDisk? (Choose two.)A. Production versionB. Test versionC. Private modeD. Maintenance versionE. Standard modeAnswer: CDExplanation: 64Which update requires a Citrix Engineer to reverse image a vDisk?A. Target device softwareB. Hypervisor toolsC. Anti-virus softwareD. OS service packAnswer: AExplanation: 65What occurs after a Provisioning Services target device downloads or otherwise accesses the bootstrap file?A. Steady-state streamingB. The login processC. IP acquisitionD. Single-Read modeAnswer: DQUESTION 66Scenario: All users connect from thin clients to a XenApp hosted desktop. Recently, the Order Entry team has been printing all documents in color. A session printers policy has been created and applied to this user group.How can the XenApp Administrator ensure that these printers default to a setting of monochrome?A. Modify the Printer Properties Retention Policy.B. Change the universal driver preference policy to default to PCL4.C. Modify the existing session printing policy with the required printer settings.D. Adjust the Citrix Universal Printer default settings in the registry of the XenApp servers.Answer: CQUESTION 67Scenario: Currently users log in to their desktop and are prompted several times for credentials while accessing XenApp published applications. The XenApp Administrator is asked to configure pass-through authentication to ensure that users only log in to their desktop and will NOT get prompted anymore.Which three components will need to be configured when setting up pass-through authentication? (Choose three.)A. Web Interface.B. ICAClient.ADM.C. Citrix Receiver.D. XenApp Servers.E. Citrix User policy.F. Citrix Single sign-on.Answer: ABCQUESTION 68Scenario: Users in a XenApp and XenDesktop environment need to access training videos, but CPU resources on the Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs) should be preserved. However, the access to videos is limited to the VDAs only.Which multimedia rendering policy should a Citrix configure to meet these requirements?A. Server fetching and server renderingB. Media content blockedC. Client fetching and client renderingD. Server fetching and client renderingAnswer: DQUESTION 69Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing an existing XenDesktop and Workspace Environment Management (WEM) infrastructure. The engineer performed recent benchmarks on all the user applications. As a result of this investigation, the engineer determined that some applications are consuming excess memory even when they are idle and NOT actively being utilized by users. This results in performance degradation of active applications.Which step can the engineer take to help improve the performance degradation of active applications?A. Enable Working Set Optimization and set Idle State Limit to 10 minutes.B. Enable Process I/O Priority and add Specified Processes.C. Enable Working Set Optimization and set Idle Sample Time to 10 minutes.D. Enable Working Set Optimization and Exclude Specified Processes.Answer: AQUESTION 70Which Provisioning Services component can communicate directly with the Farm database?A. StoreB. Provisioning Services serverC. vDiskD. 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