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CityPlanner will use Microsoft Azure to store data.Existing EnvironmentDevelopment EnvironmentEach developer has a laptop that has the following configurations:* Operating System : Windows 8.1 (x64) pro.* Memory: 4GB of RAM.Each developer use a Hyper V virtual machine for debelopment. Each virtual machine has the following configurations:* Development environment: Microsoft visual studio 2015 Express.* Operating System: Windows 8.1 (x64) pro.* Source control: GitVisual Studio Online will be used for application lifecycle management. The City maintains its own NuGet repository library to help share and distribute code.Application on TestingYou have the following test environment:* A machine group named Test Machines is configured. Three virtual machines for testing are provisioned in Azure and added ro the group.* Windows PowerShell is added to all of the testing virtual machines.You identify the following requirements for testing: Technical BackgroundData for the CityPlanner app is stored in an Azure database and accessed through an Azure API App named CityData.CityPlanner will be tested for various devices by using emulators.The final version of CityPlanner will be distributed through the Microsoft Store.RequirementsBusiness RequirementThe CityPlanner app will need to be deployed to 1,000 city employees. Data operations will consistof approximately 90 percent read operations and 10 percent write operations.You identify the following performance requirements: The city employees will work in many different languages to support the municipality. Often the employees will have different difficult languages configured different devices.Each employee will be able to write a personal note for any individual issue. The note will be private to that employee. When a note is typed the input language settings must be saved alongside the note.Application UsageYou identify the following application usage behaviors for the CityPlanner app: The top-level navigation for the app will provide the city employees with the ability to select between managing the City Operations data and the issuesList data. The employees will switch between these views frequently. The employees must be able to switch between the different data views easily.All users of the CityPlanner app must be authenticated. Administrator account for the app must be accessible only by Fabrikam developers.Issue ListsOn a page named issueList.xaml, you must add an option for users to sort the IssueLiest data by date, importance, or alphabetical order by using an AppBarButton on the interface.   Future RequirementYou identify the following long-term requirements:  QUESTION 9You need to recommend a solution to ensure that CityOperations meets the performance requirements.What should you include in the recommendation? A.    Implement data caching in the CityData Azure API.B.    Use asynchronous methods in the CityPlanner app to read the IssueList data.C.    Implement data caching in the CityPlanner app.D.    Use asynchronous methods in the CityData Azure API app to read the IssueList data. Answer: C QUESTION 10You are developing code to meet the requirements of the personal notes.Which code should you include? A.    using Windows.Globalization;var languageFontGroup = new Fonts.LanguageFontGroup (Windows.System.UserProfile.GlobalizationPreferences.Languages[0]);B.    using Windows.Globalization;var languageFontGroup = new Fonts.LanguageFontGroup (Language.CurrentInputMethodLanguageTag);C.    using Windows.Globalization;var languageFontGroup = newFonts.LanguageFontGroup(ApplicationLanguages.Languages [0]);D.    using Windows.Globalization;var languageFontGroup = new Fonts.LanguageFontGroup((new GeographicRegion ()).Code); Answer: B QUESTION 11You need to recommend a procedure to ensure that the CityPlanner app passes the certification process. What should you include in the recommendation? A.    Submit CityPlanner and ensure that authentication is disabled. When the app passes certification, upload a new version that has authentication enabled.B.    Add a test user account to CityPlanner. Under the App description, add the credentials to the release notes of the app.C.    in the Organizational licensing section, select Allow disconnected (offline) licensing for organizations.D.    Add a test user account to CityPlanner. Add the credentials to the Notes for certification page. Answer: B QUESTION 12You plan to add Cortana support to the CityPlanner app.The employees need to be able to search for an issue in CityPlanner by using either of the following phrases: What should you add to the Voice Command Definition (VCD) file?   A.    Option AB.    Option BC.    Option CD.    Option D Answer: C QUESTION 13What is the best control to use for the top-level navigation? More than one answer choice may achieve this goal. Select the BEST answer. A.    SemanticZoomB.    PivotC.    SplitViewD.    ListView Answer: B QUESTION 14You need to recommend a change to ensure that the developers can test CityPlanner.What should you recommend? A.    Install the UWP SDK on the virtual machines.B.    Upgrade the operating system of the virtual machines to Windows 10.C.    Install Visual Studio 2015 on the developers' laptops.D.    Upgrade Visual Studio on the virtual machines to Visual Studio Professional 2015. Answer: D QUESTION 15Which two actions should you perform to provide beta testers with access to the CityPlanner app? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Create one promotional code for each day that the beta phase is available.B.    On the Pricing and availability page, create a new sale that has a price tier of free.C.    On the Pricing and availability page, set the base price to Free.D.    Create one promotional code for each tester.E.    Create a promotional code for each Windows 10 platform. F. On the Pricing and availability page, select Hide this app and stop selling. Answer: CE QUESTION 16Drag and Drop QuestionHow should you complete the code for AppBarButton? To answer, drag the appropriate code elements to the correct targets. Each element may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. Answer:   QUESTION 17Hotspot QuestionWhich animations will appear when the employees view the IssueList.xaml page? For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. 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